Artist Candyce Scott

Candyce Scott with part of her sculpture "Goldsworthy In Motion."

Candyce Scott with part of her sculpture "Scales."















Candyce explores color, form, texture and motion in her sculptural works. Based in Portland, Oregon, she’s transforming her love for “emotionally uplifting art that brings happiness” into installations, mobiles, and earrings.

Photo credit: Robert Delahanty Photography


Making the Jerrines compound

Making the Jerrines compound and shapes

While working on a kinetic sculpture, Candyce invented a unique, proprietary material and method of creating her vibrant pieces. The material is called Jerrines, and it’s also the name she gives to her line of earrings. Crafted from a secret compound made of simple, non-toxic ingredients, the process creates individual “Jerrines” —handcrafted, practically weightless pieces that are part of every design. Jerrines support nearly any color pigment, and dry into lightweight, curved forms that easily catch air currents to create gentle movement.

The process of creating Jerrines begins with a simple shape made of wire. This shape is laid onto a flat surface and acts as a mold for the compound, which is poured into the mold and left to set overnight. When dry, it’s peeled off.

As it continues to harden, the Jerrine twists into its final shape. The larger the Jerrine, the more twist it has. After painting and embellishing, it’s coated with a sealer and incorporated into one of Candyce’s sculptural installations, mobiles or whimsical and colorful earrings.